Olivier Rospide

Thanks for your answer,

We're looking for investors since February, we have some interesting contacts. We are optimist for the future of Dewel, even if we know it's not an easy market.
I don't think we just have a steampunk inspiration, we just like create jewels wich are different.

Thanks again for your feedbacks, see you soon,

Olivier Rospide

First of all, thanks for your comments concerning our brand Dewel Joailliers.
Like you know, we are two young designers. The Impulse Jewel is very expensive to develop, and that's why you see, for the moment, 3D pictures.
Concerning the price, we don't think we exagerate when we propose it from 30 000 €.
In the same time, we have rings from 3000€ and earings from 12000€.

You have to understand we're looking for investors right now and it's not an easy task to create a luxury brand.

So, i thank you again for your feedbacks concerning Dewel, and i hope you appreciate our future creations.

If you have a question, i will be pleased to answer, but please ask in English or French.

Best wishes,

Olivier Rospide