No problem, I will translate. And thanks, 2tw_Ant, for posting!
Ola from Norway

Нет проблем, я буду переводить. И спасибо, 2tw_Ant, для размещения!
С уважением,
Ола из Норвегии
Ola here, director of these movies. How cool that they have made the way to russia! I love the internet!
There is a longer and subtiteled «behind the sceenes» at this adress; youtu.be/e-cjLx113l4

Hope you like it.
We are also making episode 4 now, we are finished filming, and making spesial effects in two weeks.
This time we are travelling through time. Who do i contact on here to tell you when it is out?
I will be posted to our site when it is finished, constitutionensvoktere.blogspot.com
I will also put more images and poster art here soon.

So cool to find this site! Thank you, admin for sharing to the world.

Kind regards
Ola Røyseland