Travis I Sivart


О себе

Travis I Sivart lives in a state of constant flux between Richmond, VA and Washington, DC with his two cats and only son. He has traveled across three, and has friends on six out of seven, continents. Having been a character at Renaissance Faires up and down the east coast, that character has now begun to travel the Aether and join his Steampunk colleagues in new adventures. He began writing in his early teens and his creativity flourished with the help of fantasy role-playing games. He continues to craft lives of characters in the same world was brought to life almost thirty years ago. Many people have encouraged him to also write a book based on his insights and wisdom about human nature. Travis has written and published editorials on manners, pipe smoking, and medieval re-enactment, as well as poetry. He has published many short stories in anthologies, and usually writes in the Steampunk, Horror, Science Fiction or Medieval Fantasy genres. His current project is a blend of Steampunk, philosophy, Quantum Physics, humor and ethics.


  • Пол: мужской
  • Дата рождения: 13 ноября 1971


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