Steampunk Project

Great work!
One question — where do you get this tubes with screw from?

красивый и, конечно, практические
cheers Globster :)
она такая милая!

she's so cute!
Все картины выгравированы на меди в персульфат натрия (Na2S2O8)

All patterns are etched on copper in sodium persulfate (Na2S2O8)
More info on private channel if you wish.
Спасибо за ваш комментарий. Я пытался поставить его где-то в середине — не светит и не грязно. И, надеюсь, все «царапины» являются частью дизайна;)
— Thanks for your comment. I tried to place it somewhere in the middle — not to shine and not to dirty. And hopefully all «scratches» are part of the design ;)
1) Tag cut done. thanks for the hint :)
2) I will answer in English, please, if it's ok with you. I don't know Russian language at all and that would be a disgrace to it if I tried to use it. Thanks for understanding.
The quality of sound hasn't change from the original, so it sounds pretty much as Yamaha RGX A2 with a bit of copper stuff on it. The video was recorded with photo camera, so the sound quality might is, as expected in such a case, a bit crappy ;P
what about this one?

Yamaha RGX A2 Copper Flower - steampunk electric guitar