Yes. The size of the backpack was reduced in Photoshop, the goggles too… Then the pictures were put together.
Thanks a lot for your comments! Its always a pleasure, to see your amazing works on steampunker.ru! The steampunk-scene in Germany is so small… feel a little lonly here ;)
The bat is a real bat of course! Its a beautiful old taxidermy. The backpack was build by myself. But in lifesize. Its one of my backpacks for my outfits. You can find detailed pictures of it here: steampunker.de/en/gallery/show/ghost-vaporizer-030010001
thanks for sharing!
Спасибо за обмен! :)
Я попробую, но там будет много ошибок и я не знаю, был ли он правильно перевел, так как я не понимаю. Когда я пишу на английском языке, у меня есть лучший контроль…
Not everything needs to be be discarded. sometimes you can also use things and scrap, that actually do not fit together, to build something funny… Of course not impressive, but maybe for someone a stimulus,… :)
you´re right. Its something like that… :) It is an object, built from scrap and residues in 45 minutes.
a steam-borg… :)
i uploaded a picture with this goggles on a person… ;)
i will shoot one and upload it during the next days! :)
Hello, Vadim! :) nice to meet you here!!! no, i dont think that we will meet in Stade, because its to far from Ingolstadt and i have a lot of work to do at the moment and no time. But end of may i will visit Leipzig for the Wave and Gotik Festival.
Я могу понять некоторых русских во время чтения, но должны писать по-английски.
большое спасибо! :)
i´m sorry, there exists no work log. but you can find other pictures of the goggles on www.facebook.de/SteampunkArtwork. But i could show you log-pictures of my latest steampunk-helmet/ mask… :)
I love russian steampunk. And i´m impressed by the great work i found on this website! Thanks for your welcome. It is always interesting for me to follow your work… :)